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Women in labor are like NFL quarterbacks

You might not even be a football fan but when you go into labor you will have a much smoother birth if you think like quarterback. Here why:A quarterback surrounds himself with teammates that work with him until the bitter end, and have a vested interest in the best possible outcome. He also keeps his coaches close, relying on their expertise and continual guidance.Pregnant women who follow the example of the quarterback will have more support through their births. Choose teammates who will stand by your side throughout your entire labor. Consider coaches that
michael kors handbags not only have experience attending births, but experience attending the kind of birth
fake oakleys you want to have.You may consider using a doula to help support you and your birth team. Remember that during a long labor, members of your birth team will need to eat and sleep in order to best support you.Same goes for you and your team! Sign up for a quality childbirth education class.Laboring women also need to hone their visualization skills and picture what is happening in their bodies. With every contraction imagine your baby dropping further into your pelvis, head down, with his

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cheap oakleys or her back to your belly. What does the defense
cheap oakleys do? They wave their hands in the air, signaling the crowd to ramp up the volume. You see, they know if they get their fans to make some
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oakley sunglasses cheap harder to throw for a touchdown in an already tense situation. Learn from the quarterback block out distractions during labor. You will
wholesale ray ban find it easier to find the strength you need to meet your challenge.Minimize Adrenaline Capitalize on EndorphinsWhen the average quarterback sees two huge linebackers coming toward him, he loses most of his ability to make accurate passes. Why? His or fight response was triggered and adrenaline took over. Same thing can happen to a laboring woman, and it can have detrimental effects.The concept of or fight goes back thousands of years, when women had to birth their babies in less than ideal situations. If danger presented itself, the or fight response made it possible for a laboring woman to either deliver her baby quickly if birth was imminent or completely stop labor until she found safety.While the women of long ago were worried about literally surviving birth, women today are worried about the pain of
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christian louboutin outlet there is adrenaline and the effect is the same; contractions stop, or slow, creating a long, hard labor.But all hope is not lost! If you and the quarterback can minimize adrenaline producing situations, you can instead take advantage of your endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliving hormones, making it possible to

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fake cheap oakleys make sure your hormones work to your advantage, and most likely, you already know what they are. When you are worried and stressed, what helps you relax? Is it a good massage from your partner? A nice long bath? Whatever it is, pull it out during labor
cheap oakleys Sunglasses and use it to your advantage.We don get a trophy after we give birth we get something even better. A sweet baby, and the confidence that comes from knowing you your mountain. remember an
replica ray bans NFL quarterback has nothing on a strong and confident mother!Jordan Glover is a Certified Birth Postpartum Doula, and an Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator. As aPostpartum DoulaJordan offers hands on support bypreparing meals,
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wholesale oakleys care information. TheHomegrown Babies Asheville based Lamaze Classeshelp prepare couples to birth with grace and ease. I recommend that EVERY mother to be seek out the support of a doula.Also, Anna, I may be mistaken, but I think this post applies equally to those opting for epidurals. I can imagine that having an
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fake cheap oakleys or need support, they you have no fears or worries about birth, that you somehow don need your head in the game, or that the learning experience of childbirth education is unnecessary. These are all excellent reminders for those trying for free birth, ceasarian birth, Orusing an epidural.This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

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